Connectivity I.T. operates on the public internet as AS58511.

Our network operational principle is to deploy onto every Australian peering point and to interconnect internationally with key peering points and transit service providers for maximum efficiency. We are extensively peered, with over 2,100 IPv4 and over 1200 IPv6 adjacencies as of January 2018.

Our network is divided into geographic regions, linked together by a high-capacity redundant backbone. Each region carries a slightly different routing table to ensure optimal routing. This is typically shortest-exit, with some exceptions to preference customers first, and prefer peerings/PNIs over transit.

We implement an automated filter system to prevent the acceptance of “more-specific” customer prefixes over peering or upstream links.

For more information please email NOC.


Our peering policy is generally open. We peer with route-servers at all IXes on which we are present, and we establish targeted bilateral sessions and private network interconnects (PNIs) over dedicated links where appropriate.

If you wish to establish a bilateral session(s) with us or create a PNI, please send an email to Peering with your details. Our preference is that we interconnect at all common IXPs globally. If we already have an adjacency with you via route servers, we may ask that you provide additional justification for the bilateral session(s).

Our PeeringDB page is actively maintained and reflects the current status of our IX presence.

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